New Suminagashi Prints

Crystal Shaulis

Earlier this week I taught a favorite workshop at the Kalamazoo Book Arts Center -- Suminagashi Marbling. What I enjoy most about teaching this class is the excitement and awe each student has every time they pull a print, whether it's their first or last of the day. What's also fun is working alongside my students and creating prints for book covers that you see on this site.

Suminagashi is perfect for those who love focusing on one thing at a time, but can also let go of their perfectionism. While it's fairly easy to achieve a nice print, it shows when you've been meaningful with your time, ink colors and brush placement. If you haven't tried marbling before, I have a pretty lengthy but informative Suminagashi marbling tutorial on YouTube. You don't need much, just ink, brushes, a pan of water and paper.

Here are a few prints pulled during this week's class:
Suminagashi Marbled PaperSuminagashi Marbled Paper  Suminagashi Marbled Paper  Suminagashi Marbled Paper    

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  • Hi What type (brand etc.) of inks do you use and where do you get them? Do they come in different colours? I am finding it hard to find the right ink – I tried Indian Ink put it doesn’t seem to work. Also what paper works best? Many thanks and I enjoyed watching your tutorial!


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