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japanese suminagashi

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Color choices (feel free to mix and match): gray, green, blue, pink maroon, yellow, orange

This notebook/sketchbook features cotton paper that was marbled in the Lake Michigan Book Press studio using the Japanese suminagashi technique. The effect is reminiscent of a topographical map, with wavy concentric circles.

Each suminagashi notebook will look very different as each one is marbled on request, making it an original piece.

Paper weight guide:

· 80 lb: markers, pen, ink & light washes (128 pages)

· 90 lb Canson cold press: acrylic, gouache, marker (96 pages)
· 140 lb Bienfang cold press: all media (64 pages)
· Arches 140 lb Natural White cold or hot press: professional use (64 pages)
*NOTE: Arches paper will result in book being slightly smaller.

Available upgrades:
· toned paper
· inscription 
· back pocket
· add more pages

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