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Wish you could get more life out of your sketchbook or notebook? Make it fat, make it last, by adding more pages!  Add this listing to your cart to have an extra signature (bundle of papers) sewn into your book. There is no limit to additional pages, simply select the number of additional signatures you would like by changing the quantity in your cart.

Number of additional pages will depend on the paper weight originally chosen. Page number for each signature is counting front and back of each sheet:

80 lb paper: 16 pages
90 lb watercolor/toned: 12 pages
140 lb watercolor: 8 pages
Arches 140 lb watercolor: 8 pages

Not sure what size book your book is? See below:

small: 4.5" x 3"
medium: 6" x 4.5" 
large: 9" x 6" 
HUGE: 12" x 9"

Other available upgrades:
· back pocket

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