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Long time, no read.

My goodness, it has been a minute, hasn't it? This whole blog and Artist Spotlight thing has fallen by the wayside which is insane because so many of you have been sharing your beautiful art work all across Instagram!

There have been so many posts floating around my brain - visits to awesome places -- and photos taken that were shared elsewhere but not here. One such visit was to the Gwen Frostic print studio here in Michigan. THAT WAS IN 2017. Yes. I had every intention of making a nice detailed post about it. But it never happened.

The truth is, it's so much more fun interacting with you guys directly through social media, talking about your work in real-time and giving you LMBP updates as they come along. Having a blog...well, you guys can at some point travel all the way over here and maybe even drop a comment, but blogs just seems so static now. One-sided. Typed words floating out into the ether for a random person to stumble upon at a much later date via Google.

Anyway, let's shoot for one "updates" post every two months so those of you not on IG know that there's someone indeed working in the studio and taking care of orders :P

I leave you with the photos taken from that long-ago trip and also a throwback vid from my last semester of college, printing a woodcut at the Gwen Frostic School of Art.

 Gwen Frostic Books

Gwen Frostic Cards

Heidelberg Press

Gwen Frostic print studio


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