Artist Spotlight: Chloe Malloy

Crystal Shaulis

Welcome to our second Artist Spotlight featuring Australian sketch artist Chloe Malloy!

Every other month, we interview a fellow creative to showcase their work and ideas, and peek into their very own Lake Michigan Book Press sketchbook.

What is your background in the arts?

Chloe Malloy

I would have to say I am mostly self taught. I have loved drawing ever since I was young and enjoyed art classes in high-school. My art is mainly me fumbling around at home trying to develop my own style and was only until last year that I felt like I am starting to achieve this.  

Much of your work appears to be influenced by Japanese anime. Could you share what initially attracted you to this style of art? 

The first time I ever watched an anime was in year 9 of high-school when my Japanese teacher put on "Spirited Away" in the class room. Ever since then I have adored anime and yes it definitely impacted my drawing style. Back when I was a teenager I used to draw only in an anime style — thanks to this, over the years my art has developed so much that I don't recognize myself. If it wasn't for Japanese anime, the amazing story lines and the beautiful characters and artworks I don't think I would have gotten into drawing, or anywhere near where I am today. Though, my current drawings are still influenced by anime I would like to keep changing my style and challenging myself to draw in different styles.

I love that you share many of your pieces when they are still works-in-progress. As a result, these unfinished pieces often leave a certain intrigue in the viewer. Are you ever hesitant in completing pieces you’ve already shared on social media?

It’s funny that you say this because a lot of my drawings I have shared on social media are still works in progress. I share these because as an artist I love seeing other artists do this as well. Unfortunately a lot of the time I don't finish these pieces. I feel if i continue, I might ruin them so I wait for a time where I feel like I could do them justice. There are many times I may not be in the mood for drawing. When this happens, I try to stay away from doing so until inspiration hits otherwise, from previous experience, I end up not satisfied with the results of my drawing.

What are you working on currently that excites you? 

I have been experiencing a bit of an art block at the moment, but for some reason when I draw I still get excited about it, and shading hair — no matter how tedious it is. There are a couple drawings which I am working on which is progressing with my own style, so I am taking my time on them and not rushing myself. That is my main focus. To find my own style of art, something unique that I can bring to the art world. 

What is your dream project/career? 

I am trying to not think too huge but I would love to get to a point where I can sell prints of my works and doing commissions. Maybe one day I can start earning an income this way but I still have a long way to go. I have also looked into making my own watercolour paints and have gotten some supplies over the last year. I find the process so fascinating and it would be amazing to be able to make my own paint for my artworks.

Chloe Malloy

Living in Australia, have you had the chance to travel outside the country? Where would you want go?  

I am actually going to Japan in May for two weeks. I will be going with my sister who has been there once before, but it will be the first for me out of the country. I am so excited to go and take lots of photographs and inspire myself. I have always loved the Japanese culture and am completely fascinated by it. I have a feeling I will be completely overwhelmed, but it is an opportunity of a lifetime for me. We will be staying in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. We are planning on going to many traditional towns and sights. I am hoping to find new inspiration to change the direction of my art and provide some new ideas. 

You are the owner of our smallest sketchbook! What have you drawn in it so far? 

I haven't drawn in it as much as I would have liked to, having had such a major art block recently. I started a couple of small portraits in the sketchbook but feel like I am not doing it justice with how gorgeous and delicate it is. I am going to keep trying to work more in it. When I have completed something in it that I find worthy I will be sharing it with everybody.

Chloe MalloyChloe MalloyChloe Malloy

Chloe Mally is a sketch artist currently living in Melbourne, Australia. You can follow her on Instagram at @chloemalloyart

If you own a LMBP sketchbook and are interested in being featured, please send a message through our contact form and include a link to your social media profiles. 

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